Our School Vision

Limehurst will endeavour to provide a welcoming, friendly and happy environment where positive behaviour is demanded and our pupils are ready to be part of a fair, inclusive and cohesive society.

We hope to provide our children with a sound foundation for their future learning by celebrating their achievements, fostering their self-esteem, supporting their needs to improve further, respecting their differences and encouraging kindness and respect for each other.

Our School Aims

  1. To provide a rich, relevant and distinctive curriculum for the children we serve.
  2. To provide a range of high quality teaching and learning styles.
  3. To develop the skills that will enable our children to become confident and responsible members of society.
  4. Develop in pupils a positive attitude towards themselves and others, focusing on a strong sense of moral values.
  5. Develop a school community which affords equal value to it's members, is seen to be just and encourages mutual respect for each other irrespective of gender, race, disability or academic attainment.
  6. Foster the close relationship between the school, parents and community.
  7. Foster happiness and security of all our pupils.
  8. Encourage positive behaviour with clear guidelines and expectations.
  9. Encourage all pupils to reach their true potential and promote the skills required for lifelong learning.